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Why Does Cold-pressed juice cost more than regular Juice?

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

1. We use the most expensive and best Machines in the industry because they create the BEST juice quality and taste in the industry.

In contrast to other forms of juicing, Cold Pressed Juice presses are able to extract the most nutrients possible from fruits and vegetables with minimal separation or breakdown of nutrients and taste through not using heat. It creates the purest juice with around 99% liquid and less than 0.3% pulp.

2. TIME - Cold pressed juicing is a slow process because instead of using high speed blades to create juice, we use thousands of pounds of pressure to gently press pure Juice from the raw Fruit & Veg. So, you can imagine certain ingredients like Kale will take a while to extract juice from! In fact, for us to yield one batch of one juice can take 2 hours.

3. We add nothing!

No preservatives, No additives, No added Water to dilute.

You will find with many shop bought items that claim to be pure 'cold pressed' juice, actually isn't because they have added many things to prolong the shelf life to months.


Always check the ingredients and actual % of fruit and veg.

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