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Raw Cold-Pressed Juice

We take raw, uncooked, high quality produce straight to pure, smooth, unpasteurized and unheated Juice. Unlike any other type of juice, this means that we extract 100% of the Vitamins, Mineral, Enzymes and Nutrients possible into each juice.

....We do this through a process called 'Cold-press'. Using our top of the range Good-nature press machine...we take each raw produce item, chop them up, and place them into the machine which then uses tonnes of pressure to gently and slowly 'press' into pure juice. 

...We have specifically created each juice with the intention of maximizing mother natures natural healing Health benefits with great taste & convenience for the modern health conscious society.  

....Our juice will maximise your daily intake of nutrition for general purpose and can optimise your ability to fight disease and ailments specific to you.  

-Our team are always on hand for guidance & recommendations.

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Who we are...

A family run greengrocers turned Cold pressed juice bar!

With over 100 years selecting the highest quality fruit and vegetable's from our family run greengrocer, we thought no better time to start a high quality raw cold-press juice bar.​

Our bespoke handmade bar is set inside our Fruit & Veg store where we have combined our vast knowledge of produce with the Rolls Royce of cold press machine's from Goodnature in New York. 

To create our bespoke recipes, we have worked closely with an expert in the field - Ari Sexner, formely top chef at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Together we have curated Juice with optimum health benefits with great taste. 

Our mission is to set you up for a healthier lifestyle via maximum nutrition!

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 Opening Hours

You can order all our Juice straight to your door.

If you are local ...Come Visit us!

Watch how we juice & order a freshly made Smoothie and Frozen Yogurt too!

The Juice bar is open

Mon - Friday: 9:30am - 3pm

For Smoothies and Frozen yogurt the bar is open:

Mon - Saturday: 9:30am - 4:30pm

Sun: 12pm - 2pm 

Find our bar in Waterhouse's Quality Food 

4-6 mellor Road 

Cheadle Hulme 


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