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How to add Cold-pressed juice to your daily diet

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Cold-pressed juice drunk daily is a great way to consume fruit & vegetables that you currently are struggling to eat within your daily diet.

This could be because you don't like the taste of certain vegetables but you know they are really good for you. It could be because you are rushed for time to prepare and eat all the fruit & vegetables you are wanting to consume. Or it could be that your current medical condition is craving certain nutrients that your body is lacking, e.g. if you suffer from Arthritis, then your joints will benefit from adding more anti-inflammatory properties to your diet.

The recommended juice for you to consume, is specific to each individual as it depends on what you are currently digesting and what you are missing. For instance, if you are not eating enough greens such as Spinach & Kale, then our Healthy Green juice & Sweet Green juice will be great for you! Please feel free to call us or drop in for an informal consultation to find out more.

How much juice should you drink per day?

This is a hard question because everyone is different so it really depends on how much of the recommended daily intake of all food groups you are having in a day. It is really important that you are always following a well balanced diet. Adding Cold-pressed juice to your daily diet, is not a substitute for meals (unless completing a cleanse to reset your Gut), but instead complementing your nutrient intake. You do not want to consume too much Fruit based juice as they contain natural sugars. In addition, our bodies at any one time can only absorb a certain amount of nutrients based on a wide range of factors, specific to each individual.

- I myself consume 350ml a day of juice at least by having a 1/4 bottle (350ml) of 4 different juice so I get a really good overall nutrient intake of ingredients I don't tend to consume, e.g. Heart-Beat, Healthy green, Strong carrot and Immune-boost.

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