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Why our Juice is the best!

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

You cannot buy a Juice like ours anywhere else.

Simply put's the best in the market!

But why?

Because our cold-pressed juice process is more nutritious!

The process of Shop bought juice and Juice made on the average home juicer is known as Centrifugal ....the produce is blended using high speed blades which produce HEAT and OXIDATION. These 2 things are believed to destroy a percentage of Nutrients & Enzymes. Other factors include:

- The juice doesn't last as long (1/2 days)

- It is foamy, chunky & pulpy

- The taste is more bitter

What does 'Cold-pressed' mean?

- It means that NO HEAT is used in the process of extracting juice. Instead, the RAW produce is chopped up and pressed slowly and gently with a tonne of weight to extract maximum Vitamins, Nutrients, Enzymes & Minerals. Other factors include:

- The juice last 10 days in our glass bottles

- The juice is Smooth in consistency and texture, with no pulp or bits.

- The taste is sweeter.


In 2020, there were two types of juice analysed by a certified food lab and published the results. The results showed that the nutrients in centrifugal juice break down much faster than they do in cold-pressed juice.

At 48 hours we see, surprisingly, about a 3% rise in the Vitamin A in cold-pressed, and a 35% decrease in the centrifugal.

On day one, this sample shows almost identical amounts of Vitamin A, but much higher Vitamin C in the cold press sample.

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